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Blue Horizon Guarantee

We Guarantee that you will receive your results in or before the stated number of working days of the longest test analysis within your pathology request. Our working days end at 5pm. If you do not we will refund your money for the tests that are late.
Blood Tests London Express Guarantee
1. Ordering: Order online 24/7, 365 days a year Pay by card or by Paypal
2. Our Express Results Guarantee is valid for the period between you attending for your blood draw and receiving unreported results.
2a) Attending
Patient Reception open 6 days a week
Closed Bank Holidays

2b) Collection
Be seen within 10 minutes of Arrival
Comfy waiting area

2c) Transportation
Courier to Laboratory every 15 minutes
7 minute journey by Motorbike courier

2d) Sample Preparation
Sample Reception at Laboratory
Book in correct tests

2e) Sample Analysis
TDL pathology and accredited Partners
Quality Management System

2f) Results Verification
Performed for all tests
May require further test

2g) Report to Doctor
Sent to Blood Tests London in PDF format
Only sent once all tests are back

2h) Check and Re verify
Check to see all tests are reported
Verify that results are well reported

2i) Report to Client
Express Results sent straight to patient
Asked for Doctors comments? Add 24 hours

download pdf guarantee
Turnaround Time Guarantee Certificate
3. Allow one extra working day if you don’t have a doctor and would like our Doctor to pass comment on your results.
Doctor's Comments: Given within clinical knowledge parameters / Suggestions as to next steps given
In the event of results later than guaranteed times, the limit of our guarantee is test price only. We take no responsibility for time lost, travelling expenses, or other inconveniences.

*Turnaround times are quoted in working days which exclude Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. A test that is attended for on a Wednesday for instance with a 1 working day turnaround is guaranteed for express results to be sent to you the client by 5pm on Thursday, but may well be sent before.

**Refunds will be given in full if a test is late. With profiles a partial refund will be given as a proportion of tests within that profile that are overdue. For instance, if we were late in supplying results for Hepatitis then that test would be refunded in full. If a Female hormone profile were ordered, which has 4 tests, and one of those were late then the refund would be 25% of the total of that profile.

***Interim results are not given unless requested. Your express results guarantee applies to the longest turnaround time of the tests involved, if multiple tests are ordered.

****The Express Results Guarantee is only valid on this London site and doesn't apply to any of our other Blue Horizon Medicals sites.