FULL LONDON Blood Test VIP (Plus V)

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Our FULL LONDON Health Screen (Plus V) includes tests for thyroid function, liver function as well as vitamins for your current nutritional status and long term health.

Is this blood test right for you?

Do you feel ok but want an insight into your health status? Or do you have concerns about your health status? This test can provide insights into current health risks such as diabetes or low vitamin levels, this will allow you the first steps into improving your health. If you require a comprehensive health MOT then this is the test for you!

This profile is the blood test you need if you are looking for a VIP checkup. Representing great value, it includes phlebotomy and doctor's comments. Consisting of a Biochemistry and Haematology profile, plus a TSH FT4 Thyroid Profile, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Folate, Ferritin.


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