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For those of us that take an active interest in good health or for those of us that live with a chronic health condition, the cost of accessing essential private blood testing can be a recurring expense. Over the course of a year, five years, ten years, or over the cost of your lifetime, those costs can soon mount to tens of thousands of pounds.

For heavy users of private blood testing services, we have now introduced VIP memberships that give VIP members discounts of up to 50% on all Blue Horizon blood testing services. Furthermore, these membership benefits are not just for one, five, or ten years, they are for LIFE. Additionally, apart from yourself, you can add on up to three family members to receive the same VIP Discount benefits.

As the primary member, upon sign up you will also recieve...

A free food intolerance test

A comprehensive blood test

A telephone consultation with Dr Graham Johnson to discuss your requirements.

You'll also receive a consultation with Graham every year to review your requirements.