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Police Blood Sample for Alcohol

Police Blood Sample for Alcohol

  • Police Blood Sample for Alcohol Police Blood Sample for Alcohol

Police Blood Sample for Alcohol

Quick Overview

This private police sample test for Police Blood Sample for Alcohol in London has a guaranteed turnaround time of 30 working days and tests for Police Blood Sample for Alcohol only.

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To receive your test results on or before Monday 9th of July 2018, order this test and attend by Friday 25th of May 2018.

Availability: Yes - in London


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Additional Information

Lab Code -LALC-
Test Name Police Blood Sample for Alcohol
Profile or Test? Single Test
Test Inclusions Police Blood Sample for Alcohol Only
Pathology Sample Police Sample
Target Turn Around Time in working days 30 Working Days
Further Information If you have been stopped by the Police and consequently given a vial of your own blood for independent testing, this is the test that you need. A turnaround of up to 3-4 weeks should be expected depending on the Lab initially chosen by the Police for the sample of blood that THEY are testing
Special Instructions Patient should bring in existing sample that they have been given by the police.
GP Referral Yes Included
  1. Good clear results review by Anonymous on 13/07/2016

    I was a little apprehensive about the results but they came back clear as day, and importantly, under the limit. Not heard anything from the rozzers yet so can only presume they will not pursue.

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