A full men’s health MOT in London

We all know that regular health checks are important, but our busy lifestyles often get in the way. And beyond our hectic schedules, when it comes to health, men tend to be less likely than women to visit their GP for a whole range of reasons, from embarrassment to a fear of finding out bad news.

While visiting the doctor might be low on the list for many men, early diagnosis of health problems is important. For Men’s Health Week, we’re taking a look at some of the most common conditions that impact men’s health, and how you can check your risks for those (and others) all in one go.

Full Mens Health checks in London

Risk areas in male health


While the risks of developing prostate cancer increase with age, it doesn’t mean it’s a disease that only affects older men. In fact, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men worldwide and early detection is extremely important.

While some men will notice tell-tale changes in urinary or sexual function, not everyone experiences symptoms. Many times, signs of prostate cancer are first detected by a doctor during a routine check-up, something that will be missed if you’re not visiting your GP.

Heart problems 

Heart disease has long been Britain’s biggest single killer. Despite efforts to raise awareness and ward off its risk factors with more exercise and a healthier diet, the statistics remain concerning, particularly for men.

According to the British Heart Foundation, one in seven men will die from heart disease compared with one in 11 women, and of the 2.3 million people living with heart disease in the UK, 60 per cent are men.

Low testosterone

Testosterone is most associated with sex drive, but it also affects bone and muscle mass, influences how men store body fat, and is involved in the production of red blood cells. While testosterone levels do naturally start to decline with age, low levels could suggest a hormone disorder.

When levels of testosterone are low, there are a range of symptoms which can present themselves, including fatigue, impotence and low libido and breast growth.

Private men's health blood tests in London

With GP waiting times increasing in many practices, private blood testing is becoming a common alternative for many people looking to take control of their health.

At Blood Tests London we offer a comprehensive range of blood testing options for men’s health, both standalone, and as part of a larger profile of diagnostic checks to help you get a complete picture of your health. If you’re looking for a complete MOT which can highlight potential problems and get you on track to better health, our comprehensive Full London blood tests are a great option.   

Adding to our Essential Test’s Biochemistry and Haematology checks, our Full London test will also give you a picture of your current nutritional status, showing levels of vitamin D, vitamin B12 and folate, as well as a Thyroid Check, advanced iron investigations and diabetes testing.

Booking your private men’s health blood test in London

Our central London walk in clinic makes getting a private blood test for glucose levels quick and convenient. Simply purchase your test online and attend the clinic on the same day.

At your appointment, the friendly team will talk to you about your test, collect your blood sample and send it off for testing at an accredited partner laboratory. All you need to do is arrive for your appointment. We’ll take care of the test, and the rest.


Clear, accurate results

The time it takes to receive your results will depend on the type of test you have chosen. When they are ready, your results will be sent directly to you, via email, within the time specified. If you would prefer to receive a paper copy of your results through the post, that can be arranged for you.

You can also choose the option of reported or unreported results. Reported results include information and comment from our GP which you may find helpful to discuss with your own consultant, or for your records.

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