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Sexual Health Blood Analysis

Tracking down a dependable Sexual Health blood testing patient facility within London can be an arduous task.

At bloodtestslondon.com we make this process much easier by empowering you to request the blood tests that you require online or by telephone and then simply turn up without appointment at the patient service centre in the Harley Street district.

We are the only London service that gives you a guarantee that you will get your Sexual Health blood testing results emailed to you by the assay turnaround time.
If you do not, then we will refund you, as promised by our Express Results Guarantee.

If you are concerned that you have been exposed to HIV or a sexually transmitted infection you need to ensure that you carry out the relevant testing to enable you get a diagnosis to start important treatment (if required).

Our blood tests are 100% confidential and all results are sent to your dedicated email address you provide us with upon ordering.