Kate's first time with Blood Tests London

Most of us only get a blood test when it’s ordered by our GP in response to a health complaint. It’s less common that we take matters into our own hands and decide to take a closer look at our health more proactively, but we should.

Much like we book a routine MOT to check the health of our car, in order to avoid running in to bigger problems at a later stage, we should also take a ‘prevention is better than the cure’ attitude to our heath, nipping problems in the bud as early as we can.

I recently decided to do just this, booking myself in for the Full London VIP blood test. This was my experience:

The Full London VIP blood test includes tests for thyroid function, liver function as well as vitamins for your current nutritional status and long term health.

Kate holding her full london blood test results

Efficient and gentle, I barely noticed the process and before I knew it, the samples were collected

Getting started


Booking the test couldn’t have been simpler. With a vast array of tests available, there’s something for everyone, from specific tests for individual conditions, through the full spectrum tests covering a wide variety of health markers

I knew I wanted a test which would explore the most common health complaints I’m likely to face in my mid-thirties, so I chose the Full London VIP blood test. This comprehensive option included tests for conditions like diabetes, thyroid, liver and kidney problems, vitamin deficiencies, cholesterol levels and more.

A few clicks later, I had ordered the test and received a confirmation, along with details of the walk-in clinic and what to expect during my visit.


A quick blood draw


With a business meeting booked in London the following day, it was a perfect opportunity to get the blood draw done, so I headed to the Wimpole Street clinic bright and early.

The friendly staff were welcoming, directing me to the clean, calm and spacious waiting area where I was seen promptly by the phlebotomist. It was at this point I realised that, despite having plenty of vaccinations in my life, I’d never actually had my blood taken. But before any anxiety could set in, we were underway.

Efficient and gentle, I barely noticed the process and before I knew it, the samples were collected, and I was on my way to my next appointment.


The blood test results


A couple of days later, the results of my test pinged into my inbox. I had opted for the GP comments, which I found incredibly helpful. A couple of results showed readings that needed attention, but the GP notes were reassuring and gave me guidance on next steps so that I could speak with my own doctor if needed. I could also look at the right supplements and diet and lifestyle changes I may need to make.

The results, which indicated a vitamin D deficiency and slightly high cholesterol, are easy enough to rebalance. The third one to watch showed the possibility of an underactive thyroid – something which, when I thought about certain symptoms I’d been attributing to pandemic burnout, suddenly made a lot of sense.

Knowledge is power


Armed with the knowledge about my current health, I feel empowered to make the right changes to improve my wellbeing, and I also know what I need to be on the lookout for in the future and have a helpful starting point for conversations with my doctor.

If you’re thinking about booking a private blood test …


… do it. I would definitely recommend private testing if you’re looking for a quick, convenient way to get a better picture of your health, particularly a comprehensive test which covers a whole range of markers in one go.

Talking with an American friend about my experience, she was surprised that this isn’t standard practice in the UK, as, for her and her friends and family, regular blood tests and check-ups are part of general preventative healthcare.

Find out for yourself

The central London walk in clinic makes getting your private blood test quick and convenient. Simply purchase your test online and attend the clinic on the same day.

At your appointment, the friendly team will talk to you about your test, collect your blood sample and send it off for testing at an accredited partner laboratory. All you need to do is arrive for your appointment. They take care of the test, and the rest.