Terms and Conditions

Blood Tests London is a specialist London Blood Testing service facilitated by use of this website. It is run by Harley Street Health Checks UK Ltd who also trade as Blue Horizon Medicals, who utilise the service provided by TDL Pathology (The Doctor’s Laboratory) at 76 Wimpole Street. The services can be accessed either online, or over the telephone. We strive to provide a top class service 100% of the time – to achieve this, we work very hard with the TDL Laboratory Service centre at 76 Wimpole Street as well as the Laboratory Sample Reception and Laboratory Results service to make YOUR results OUR biggest priority.

If you place a testing request online then a link to these terms and conditions is provided during the order process as well as in your confirmation email. if you place a testing request over the telephone then you will also be provided with a link to these terms and conditions in your confirmation email.

Our Guarantees

100% Money Back Guarantee

In line with standard consumer contract regulations, you are entitled to a 100% money back guarantee valid for 14 days after the purchase date if you have not attended for your blood draw. After 14 days you will be entitled to a credit note to be used against our services. Refunds will be actioned within 48 working hours of your request to the card that you used for payment or assigned, as a credit note, to the account you hold with ourselves.

Once you have had your sample taken you will no longer be entitled to a refund of charges unless your sample is lost, improperly stored or incorrectly taken resulting in a non or invalid result. In that event you will have a choice of either a refund of the tests involved, or a chance to attend again for another sample to be taken. You will be entitled to a full refund with our express results guarantee (please see below). As the pathology service is itself provided by The Doctors Laboratory and not ourselves, you agree when you order a test not to hold us liable for any other costs which are beyond our direct control.

Express Results Guarantee

We guarantee that we will send your results within or before the stated number of working days of the longest test analysis within your pathology request. Our working days end at 5pm. If you do not we will refund your money for the tests that are late. This guarantee is limited to the refund of tests paid for and we cannot be held responsible for late results which do happen on occasion. Refunds will be made back to the card or Paypal account used for payment within 2 working days. As results are sent as an attachment some email services or user settings may mark the emails as junk or spam. 

Turnaround Times

Turnaround times are quoted in working days (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays) but exclude weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) as well as Bank Holidays within the UK. Our working days end at 5pm - A test that is attended for on a Wednesday for instance between 7am and 7pm with a 1 working day or less turnaround is guaranteed for express results to be sent to you the client by 5pm on Thursday, but may well be sent before. When a non standard test is sent to a referral laboratory overseas, any bank holidays of that country are included in this working day exclusion.

Turnaround times, despite any guarantee that we may offer, are still estimated. The results are only released once all tests become available per order/attendance. Although we will refund results that are overdue for eligible results as per our express results guarantee, we do not and can not guarantee the results will be available within the estimated turnaround time stated, and will not be held responsible for any negative consequences arising from late results.


Once the results are ready from TDL, they will be securely emailed to us by encrypted email. If they fall within normal range or you have opted for the express results service, they will be sent straight through to you by email. If you have opted for reported results and comment is needed, one of our medical panel will provide comment free of charge, which can take a further 24-48 hours to be processed.

Invalid Samples

In the event of a patient not being able to provide a valid sample a full refund can be provided, however no further compensation can be provided. We make no promises that the Patient Service Centre will be able to obtain a valid sample. Sometimes it will only be realised that a sample is invalid after attendance and you may have to reattend at Blood Tests London to have your sample retaken. At this point you have a choice of a refund or reattendance, but not both. The express results guarantee is only valid if a valid sample has been provided.

Medical Comments

Our panel of Doctors are all practicing GP’s and if any of your results are outside established parameters and you have opted for reported results, we provide a free of charge medical comment based upon your blood results alone. Choosing 'reported' results means you will not receive an interpretation. As it may be difficult to make a full assessment on laboratory results alone you may be informed that a follow up consultation may be needed with your own GP or specialist. Additionally, where your results require specialist interpretation you will be informed of this. Both private and public Doctors are required by the General Medical Council to operate within the bounds of their knowledge for your safety.

Critical Results

A critical value is defined as a value that represents a pathophysiological state at such variance with normal (expected values) as to be life-threatening unless something is done promptly and for which some corrective action could be taken. Every effort will be made to contact the patient by telephone or email and at least two unique patient identifiers will need to be provided for results release.

Children and Minors

There is no minimum age restriction for children. TDL patient reception will attempt phlebotomy, the only restriction is that there may be a limit to volume that is able to be collected, especially with newborns. Numbing cream, typically topical lidocaine, can be applied for 40 minutes pre needle if the child is nervous or scared of the pain from the needle.

Attendance Requirements

Patients and account holders are encouraged to fully read the test descriptions, and pay attention to the “further information” and “special instructions” sections. These sections may have additional attendance requirements such as fasting restrictions, resting requirements, or restricted attendance times for the tests. If a patient attends without adhering to the advice given within these sections for the tests chosen, then the patient agrees not to hold either Blood Tests London or TDL patient service centre liable.

Identity Verification

ID verification for occupational health, emigration, or other reasons is possible but you will have to contact us by email prior to attending so that we can explain the procedure.

Results Formatting.

Results will be formatted in a set way by TDL pathology and provided as a PDF certificate. All laboratories differ slightly with how results are reported – we are happy to provide examples of how a result is reported but cannot be held responsible if the result looks different to how a patient expects it to look. Some assays may have a minimum detectable level or a minimum sensitivity or be qualitative instead of quantitative. (Negative/Positive instead of a level) Titres may not be given. Please check in advance if the reporting style is critical and we can advise on how it is reported.

Reference Ranges and units. Cut offs

Where quantitative results apply a numerical value will be given as well as a unit where appropriate. Typical reference ranges are also given which are based upon the assay that the Laboratory is using for that particular test within a specific population of subjects. Typical reference ranges differ between laboratories and countries – in depth interpretation will need to be made by the patient’s own Doctor if in doubt.