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Could low B-12 be behind the burnout?

Burnout has become a big buzzword in recent years, and for good reason. With our ever-demanding workloads and busy lifestyles, the pressures on our time are increasing. Add to this the stress of the pandemic and it’s not surprising that we often feel tired. But could there be more to...

A full men’s health MOT in London

For Men’s Health Week, we’re taking a look at some of the most common conditions that impact men’s health, and how you can check your risks for those (and others) all in one go.

Diagnostic blood testing for diabetes in London

How much do you know about diabetes? We tend to assume it’s a problem for older people or sugar addicts. But, it’s possible to develop the condition at any age, and there are other risk factors involved to be aware of. Increasingly common in the UK, cases of diabetes are...

Getting your gut health checked in London

Encouraging a healthy, happy gut. Your digestive system is an amazing thing. A complex system which processes the foods you eat, extracts the nutrients your body need to function and discards the waste, it’s essential for your gut to be in good working order for you to feel healthy.But there...

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