From click to clinic to client. The Blood Test London journey

When it comes to getting a blood tests in London, time is of the essence to make sure that you get your results as quickly as possible. But the journey from that initial online order to opening your results has a lot of vital steps along the way.

Most of us never think about what’s involved once we’ve given our blood sample. But understanding what happens to your blood, and how we make sure you’re getting the vital health information you need, is an interesting journey. Let’s go behind the scenes.

Efficient and gentle, I barely noticed the process and before I knew it, the samples were collected for my blood draw

A London based private testing service open throughout the year

Behind the scenes though at Blood Tests in London, time is ticking to get your blood to the laboratory for analysis. Couriers visit our clinic every 15 mins to collect new samples and transport them to the laboratory for testing.

Ordering the test

Our website has a large selection of blood tests, from single checks to full health profiles containing lots of different health markers. Depending on the information you need, there are plenty of tests available. We make the process easy, with options to purchase online or over the phone. As soon as you order, you are then able to visit our central London blood test clinic. There’s no need to book an appointment or wait for a time to be arranged for you.

Visiting the walk-in clinic

Our central London clinic is open six days a week. As soon as you purchase your test, you can drop in and visit us, making it a flexible option to fit around your schedule and commitments. When you arrive, you’ll be seen by one of our phlebotomists within ten minutes.

Collecting your blood sample

Sample collection is quick, and we make it as painless as possible. Our phlebotomy team are incredibly experienced and efficient, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Getting your blood from A to B

Once we have your blood sample, all you need to do is wait for the results to be sent via email. Behind the scenes though, time is ticking to get your blood to the laboratory for analysis. Couriers visit our clinic every 15 mins to collect new samples and transport them to the laboratory for testing.

Preparing your blood sample

At the laboratory, your blood sample is booked in for testing. Laboratory technicians check the tests you have ordered and get everything ready for analysis.

Testing your blood sample

Once your blood sample is booked in, the tests you have chosen are performed by our accredited laboratory partners, to the highest standards.

Verifying the results

When the tests are complete, as part of our quality control systems, the results are checked and verified. If there is anything flagged that indicates a problem with the test, they will be tested again for accuracy.

Doctor checks

Once your test is complete, the results are sent to our doctor for checks. If you have chosen GP comments as part of your test these will be added ,providing any necessary recommendations for follow up.

Check and reverify

A final check is made to the results, making sure that doctor’s comments are included where requested and that all information is provided for your tests.

Your results are ready

After all these stages are complete, your results are ready. You’ll received an email with a PDF copy of your blood test results, complete with any GP comments if requested.

Late results? We’ll give you a full refund 

We’re proud of our rapid service and make every effort to get your results to you as quickly as possible.

The turnaround times for our tests vary, but we promise all clients that, should you receive your results later than the stated turnaround time, you’ll be given a full refund.

Booking your private blood tests in London

Interested in private blood testing in London? Why not take a look at our range of health checks and tests, designed to empower you to optimise your health and get accurate, fast results, when you need them.

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