Staying healthy as the seasons shift - which blood tests in London can help?

As the season starts to change, welcoming in the colder weather, we often become a bit more aware of our health, feeling those aches and pains more acutely and seeing the sniffles sneak in.

There may be nothing we can do to stop the colder months from coming, but there’s still plenty we can do to boost our health and keep bugs at bay. Here’s some tips and tricks to look after yourself as the seasons shift.

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Practice good hygiene

While wearing masks may no longer be a mandatory part of life, post-pandemic, it’s still a good idea to practice good hygiene in public places.

Carrying sanitiser to use after touching surfaces on public transport, and washing hands regularly is always a good idea to help keep germs at bay.

Stay active

As it gets darker and colder, it’s easy to hide away and hibernate. But it’s important to stay active. Exercising regularly can help boost your mood, aid circulation and digestion, and maintain a healthy weight. If you find it hard to drum up the motivation to go for a run, try online workout videos, or look for fitness classes in your local area. Anything to help get the blood pumping.

Be mindful of your mood

As the seasons change, many of us experience symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) where we notice persistent low mood and fatigue. It can help to keep a journal, tracking changes in your moods. Being aware of these shifts can help you recognise patterns and help you seek support if it’s becoming unmanageable.

Dream on 

As the days get shorter, you may notice your sleep habits changing. Practicing good sleep hygiene is important. Keep to a regular routine where you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Limit use of devices before bed and keep your sleep space clean, clutter free and comfortable.

Boost your Vitamin D

As the clocks change and we see less light through the day, it’s important to make sure we still get the vitamin D our bodies need. In the UK, many of us are deficient in this important vitamin so it’s a good idea to take a supplement to ensure you’re getting the levels you need. Also make sure you get out in the daylight hours where possible. Take a lunchtime walk or ask your colleagues if they fancy taking that meeting outside if the sun is shining.

Eat seasonally

It can be tempting to turn to comforting junk food when it gets cold and dark. But a poor diet will only cause you to feel worse in the long run. Instead, try to eat a balanced diet of vitamin and antioxidant–rich seasonal foods, such as aubergine, beetroot, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, and stone fruits and berries.


Cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Going from the chilly air outside to heated indoor spaces and back again can also cause damage by drying your skin and hair out. Stay hydrated inside and out, by drinking plenty of water and choosing a good vitamin-rich moisturiser for your skin to keep it from drying out and cracking.  

Check in with your body

We can often feel off kilter as the seasons shift and we adjust to the change in temperature and time. But if you’re not feeling your best, despite being mindful to exercise, sleep well and eat right, it could be worth checking in with your body to find out if you’re deficient in essential vitamins or are experiencing other problems.

A comprehensive blood test is a great place to start, giving you information on the health and status of vital organs and systems in the body, as well as levels of vitamins and minerals.

A London based private testing service

If you’re looking for a quick, convenient way to check in on your general health and wellbeing, private blood testing is a brilliant option.

Private blood testing is becoming a popular solution for a whole range of medical and diagnostic checks, for people who want quick access to important information about their health and wellbeing. And with our central London walk-in clinic, getting that information is easy.

At Blue Horizon we offer a comprehensive blood test which covers a wide range of health markers for common diseases and conditions, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies and other important health checks.


Booking your private MOT blood test in London


We make sure the experience of booking a private coeliac disease blood test is as easy, convenient, and painless as possible. Here’s how it works:

Once your order is placed, you can attend our central London walk-in clinic to have your blood taken by one of our expert phlebotomists. This guarantees that your blood samples are taken and handled correctly and that your results are processed efficiently by clinical professionals.

At your appointment, the friendly team will talk to you about your test, collect your blood sample and send it off for testing at an accredited partner laboratory. All you need to do is arrive for your blood draw.


Clear, accurate results for fast peace of mind

The time it takes to receive your results will depend on the type of test you have chosen. When they are ready, your results will be sent directly to you, via email, within the time specified. If you would prefer to receive a paper copy of your results through the post, that can be arranged for you.

You can also choose the option of reported or unreported results. Reported results include information and comment from our GP which you may find helpful to discuss with your own consultant, or for your records.

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