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Knowing your level of total antibodies to Covid 19 spike protein will give you an accurate indication of your response to the Covid 19 vaccination, whichever vaccine you have received. The test on offer is quantitative – meaning the amount, as well as the presence, of antibody is measured. The production of specific antibody to the virus will imply that you have either been infected by it or that you have been vaccinated against the Covid 19. The higher the antibody level, the more vigorous your immune system response.

It is important to keep in mind that while the test will show you how well you have responded to the vaccine, it is not yet possible for anyone to reassure you that having a good antibody response necessarily means that you will have any protection now or in the future from infection by this virus. From experience with other similar viruses and vaccinations however, it is reasonable to state that it is highly likely that if the antibody level is high, you will have at least short term protection (3-6 months), and it is possible that you will have longer term protection. On the other hand, not having the antibody does not mean that you have no immunity either, although recording a low level of antibody may imply a less satisfactory response to the vaccination.