Basic Thyroid Blood Test Profile In London - Order Online
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Basic Thyroid Blood Test Profile In London - Order Online

Basic Thyroid Blood Test Profile In London - Order Online


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Biomarkers Included: 2 - See below for full list.
Profile or Single Biomarker: Custom Profile
Turnaround Time: 1 Working days
Sample Needed: Blood
This test should ideally be taken between 8am and 10am
Phlebotomy included
Ordering Multiple Tests Automatically Applies a £10/Test Discount In the Cart

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Order our Basic Thyroid Blood Test Profile with 2 Biomarkers Online & Attend near Oxford St, London. Receive Results in 1 Day Guaranteed.

Our Basic Thyroid Blood Test Profile includes TSH, FT4 for an analysis of your thyroid function.

Is this blood test right for you?

Do you want to find out more about your thyroid health? Do you symptoms affecting your weight, mood, energy and possibly skin/hair. Or has your doctor only offered you limited tests? If you're looking for a Basic Thyroid check then this is the test for you!

The TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is a hormone manufactured in the pituitary gland (found in the brain). It s role is to stimulate thyroxine production in the thyroid gland (found in the neck). A high level within a health screening is associated with an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) and a low level is found if the thyroid gland is over-active (hyperthyroidism). Changes in the TSH level alone can indicate underlying thyroid problems even if the thyroxine levels are normal.

FT4 (free thyroxine) is the active form of thyroxine, released from the thyroid gland in the neck. Its role is to control metabolism - release of energy from all cells of the body. A lack of thyroxine leads to, for example, tiredness and weight gain, whereas an excess will lead to weight loss, rapid heart rate and anxiety. It is generally believed that this level (FT4) is the most reliable indicator of thyroid status - ie whether the gland is over-active (hyperthyroidism) or underactive (hypothyroidism).


Please see below for a breakdown of symptoms, click each tab to find out more.

Hyperthyroid symptoms
Weight loss with increased appetite
Warm/clammy skin
Shortness/loss of breath
Feeling warm and sweating excessively
Feeling hyperactive
Rapid heartbeat
Raised libido
Irregular bowel movements
Thin hair
Fertility problems
Hypothyroid symptoms
Feeling cold constantly
Weight gain and/or difficulty losing weight
Brain fog
Issues with Breathlessness
Low basal temperature
Hair loss
Raised cholesterol
Low basal temperature
Dry hair and skin
Loss of libido
Mood swings
Fertility problems

1. Order Your Basic Thyroid Blood Test Profile Online

You may order this Blood Test Online Now and Attend Immediately. We Generate your Referral PDF within 3 Minutes, no need to Print it.

2. Attend the Walk-in Clinic near Oxford St According to Attendance Restriction.

Although Reception is open 7am-7pm Mo-Fr and 9am-1pm on Sat, this test is restricted. This test should ideally be taken between 8am and 10am

3. Get Your Results Within 1 Working Days, Guaranteed.

Our Express Results Guarantee means you'll receive your Basic Thyroid Blood Test Profile Results within 1 Working Days or secure a full refund.

Full List of London Biomarkers: TSH, FT4

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