Advanced Post Travel Blood Test Profile

You can attend our London clinic immediately with this blood test.

Blood tests include:

  • Doctors Referral
  • All Phlebotomy fees
  • ( your blood taken at our London clinic )
  • All laboratory fees
  • GP comments
  • Express Results
  • Money Back Guarantee

Available at our clinic in London

Test Name
Advanced Post Travel Blood Test Profile
GP Referral
GP Referral is included
Target Turn Around Time in working days:

This private blood test profile for Post-Travel Screening Advanced in London has a guaranteed turnaround time of 15 working days and tests for

FBC, ESR, Biochemistry Panel, Filaria Antibodies, Schistosome Antigen, Malarial Parasites, Hep A IgM, Hep B Surface Antigen, Hep C Antibodies, Hep C Antigen and HIV I and II Antibodies with p24 Antigen.

Test Inclusions:
Special Instructions
Laboratory Notes: