Full London Pregnancy Profile - Beta HcG + Progesterone

Full London Pregnancy Profile - Beta HcG + Progesterone


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Knowing HcG AND Progesterone may offer further insights into viability.
Biomarkers Included: 2 - See below for full list.
Profile or Single Biomarker: Custom Profile
Turnaround Time: 1 Working days
Sample Needed: Blood
This test can be taken at our walk-in centre, or at any of the partner pharmacies via appointment. Select at checkout.
Phlebotomy included
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This Pregnancy Blood Test (Beta HcG Quantitative) Includes Progesterone. Attend near Oxford St, London. Receive Results in 1 Day or Your Test is Free.

HcG may reach detectable limits within 11-12 days of conception. HcG is produced by the placenta and reaches a peak between the 7th and 10th week of gestation. Knowing the level of Progesterone may offer further insights into viability.

A Quantitative Beta HcG pregnancy test not only shows if HcG is present in the blood, but also how much. The results are expressed in IU/L (International Units per Litre) and can be detected by a pregnancy blood test from 11-12 days after conception. As a rule of thumb the HcG levels will double every 48 hours initially and then every 72 hours.

Pregnancy blood test results show beta HcG levels and estimations of weeks pregnant. Your results are emailed to you in PDF format.

Beta HcG levels will peak after about 2-3 months of pregnancy and will then start to decline and stabilise for the rest of the pregnancy.

We aim to get results to you same day, providing you attend for your blood test by 9am Monday to Friday.

Thank you - 1.0% of your order total will be donated to Our Charity of the Month

1. Order Your Beta HcG and Progesterone Profile Online

You may order this Blood Test Online Now and Attend Immediately. We Generate your Referral PDF within 3 Minutes, no need to Print it.

2. Attend the Walk-in Clinic near Oxford St Immediately or book appointment at a Pharmacy Location

Reception is open 7am-7pm Mo-Fr and 9am-1pm on Sat. They'll be expecting you - and unlike others in London, we won't charge extra Fees on your Arrival. Alternatively pick a pharmacy location for an appointment

3. Get Your Results Within 1 Working Days, Guaranteed.

Our Express Results Guarantee means you'll receive your Beta HcG and Progesterone Profile Results within 1 Working Days or secure a full refund.

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