Lp-PLA2 (PLAC) Blood Test

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Lp-PLA2 - PLAC2 PLAC Test newly arrived in the UK! Lp-PLA2 levels help to identify hidden risk of a cardiovascular event that might otherwise be missed when using other more conventional risk factors (eg cholesterol levels, blood pressure, family and smoking history). Lipid levels can

The PLAC test measures the level of an enzyme (Lp-PLA2) in the blood which rises as the level of fatty deposits on the arteries increases (these are known as plaques, and rupture of them may lead to heart attacks, strokes and circulatory problems). Individuals who have an elevated PLAC score and one or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease (such as smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol) have more than twice the risk of having a heart attack.

If the PLAC score is elevated and they have high blood pressure, their risk for stroke increases more than 6 times. Looking at the PLAC score from another angle, almost 95% of people with risk factors for heart attack or stroke who had a PLAC Test of less than 200 ng/mL did not have a heart attack or stroke within 4 years of the test. It is important not to look at test results like this one in isolation however. Risk from cardiovascular disease is never evaluated by one factor alone. Your absolute risk of developing heart and vascular disease is dependent on a number of other factors too - including weight, blood pressure, whether you smoke or are diabetic or not, and family history.